b4u movies - Hardcore Partying Season 1 Episode 4

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This classic adult movie is quite ambitious for an adult film in the science fiction format, and it succeeds very well. The setting is a future society where the normal everyday aspects of life have been swept away, leaving little else for people to do except engage in erotic play! It’s a space age resort, called Alpha Blue, where the satisfiers and their guests raise sex to a fine art and you too will learn to enjoy sex in a new dimension.

Hot bangin' All-Stars takin' it in the ass with some scorching penetrations! All your favorite hotties fuckin' and suckin'. This line up of cock lovers is as hot as it gets!

Are there technically threesomes in this series? Do you count the fetus? While it would be kinky, these whores don't need the extra help. They can suck and fuck all while dealing with side-effects of pregnancy - such as having kids. Once that happens they'll have a lot less time for fucking - so they gotta get all their nasty desires out of the way now. Enjoy watching them do their dirty deeds!

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